August Newsletter | Listing on DigiFinex

Also validator seat increase, Super Like beta testing and hiring.

LikeCoin is a Decentralized Publishing Infrastructure. It reinvents the publishing industry with a decentralized registry, rewards, editorial, and governance.

Listing on DigiFinex — LIKE/USDT pair

We have been speaking with exchanges on listing potentials in the past few months. And we are excited to share that LIKE was officially listed on DigiFinex in August, and received very good responses from the community since then. LIKE/USDT is the current trading pair, with additional pairs expected in the future.

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LikeCoin chain validator seats increased to 25

Validators of the LikeCoin chain is like congressmen to a country. They represent stakeholders on policymaking and help secure the chain.

Currently, there are 13 active validators on the LikeCoin chain. With proposal #3 passed in July, the max number of validators has increased to 25. We are now open for new validators to join, play a role to decentralize publishing and make some LikeCoin in the process. As a permissionless blockchain, there is no barrier of entry to become a validator, and no approval is needed. All you need is some computational power and storage, and most importantly, support from the stakeholders.

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Super Like beta testing

In the past 3 years, we have been decentralizing rewards for creators with the LikeCoin button. We are about to enter phase 2, to decentralize editorial with the new Super Like feature.

We have invited 30+ core users to join the beta testing on iOS and Android, and polish the feature before the official rollout. Super Like will be launched in September and we shall release the details shortly.

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Hiring a Full Stack Developer

Interested to work on a blockchain project? Excited about building a decentralized infrastructure that could change the media landscape? We’d like to invite you to be part of our team!

Monthly Community Call

LikeCoin community call is scheduled on the first Monday 1820 (GMT +8) every month.

The upcoming meeting will be on 7th Sep 2020, Monday. We shall discuss the potential Proposal #4 and #5, which allows individuals to exercise direct democracy and increases the inflation rate, respectively. The Agenda is available here. You may also check out the August community call minutes.

Media coverage on Apple Daily and TVB

There is a rising interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We were interviewed by TVB on the topic “The future of money” for the program 看出個未來.

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LikeCoin was also interviewed by Apple Daily, as an evangelist on blockchain adoption in the publishing industry. 《派讚賞幣回饋創作者

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