#DePub 202106 | What is Decentralized Publishing?

Check out the LikeCoin documentation page and user handbook on the idea of Decentralized Publishing.

What is Decentralized Publishing?

LikeCoin is a Decentralized Publishing Infrastructure to empower content ownership, authenticity, and provenance. LikeCoin works as a repository for immutable digital content metadata. Content creators can record the data and guarantee its integrity by using LikeCoin’s content registry protocol, ISCN (International Standard Content Number).

The ISCN functions like an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for digital content; this unique, immutable content identifier contains metadata including timestamp, author, title, publisher, licensing, and versions. At its core, content metadata will be registered in the LikeCoin public blockchain and link to decentralized storage solutions like the IPFS or Arweave for storing and serving ISCN-linked content.

In short, LikeCoin is providing journalists and writers an easy way to register, store and distribute their content metadata and the content itself.

The core component of LikeCoin is LikeCoin chain, a public blockchain tailor-made for content publishing, supporting the Republic of Liker Land.

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ZB.com listed LIKE/USDT

ZB now offers LIKE/USDT trading pairs. If you are new to ZB, feel free to check out the guideline. You can trade LIKE on the ZB website or the ZB app. We will continue our ongoing effort on listing arrangements with other CEX or DEX.

ZB is the world’s leading digital asset trading platform. Since its establishment in 2013, it has provided digital asset trading services for more than 10 million users worldwide. It has been operating steadily for more than eight years, with an average daily transaction volume of more than 1.5 billion US dollars.

Road to LikeCoin chain upgrade

The LikeCoin upgrade testnet procedures were announced at the community meeting yesterday. The new version of LikeCoin chain, code name, FoTan, will support content registration functions ISCN (International Standard Content Number)IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication), direct democratic voting mechanism, and many other significant efficiency improvements. More details will reveal on Medium and Discord this week.

Calling all validators to participate in the testnet upgrade and join our Discord channel for the latest discussions.

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