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LikeCoin is a decentralized protocol for content monetization, attribution, and distribution.

During this difficult time and period of disruption caused by COVID-19, our thoughts are with everyone-from you and your families. Our team has been practicing social distancing since February yet we keep our hands full on upcoming project development.

Fund this Grant - Republic of Liker Land

We are participating in Round 5 of Gitcoin Matching Fund for Public Good. Each $1 that you donate will be match up to a certain % using the quadratic funding formula, which priorities individual voices over dollars. All received funds will help support LikeCoin operations. Gitcoin Grant is an open source funding space that allows open source developers to get paid for their work (just like us!)

LikeCoin chain update - ISCN core metadata specification released

We spent the past 2 years to build the first part of our promised ecosystem, putting content monitization concept to practices. We acquired users, build partnerships and had solid foundation of users. With the launch of LikeCoin chain in 2019, we are able to kick off the second phase content attribution. We call it the ISCN - ISBN for digital content. Our system architect put together the latest documentation and early concepts. The ISCN feature is expected to arrive later this year, in the next LikeCoin chain update, codenamed FoTan.

Announced Partnership with Vocus

We are excited to have Vocus on board in addition to the existing partnerships we have with WordPress, Medium, blogspot and other 900+ other content platforms and media. Vocus writers can now enable LikeCoin button in their content.

LikeCoin community #channel moved to g0v Slack

Join the conversation! You can now exchange ideas, feedback and comments with our team and core users on Slack.

Last week on LikeCoin chain:

  • Number of Addresses: 9,086

  • Number of Transactions: 179,464

  • Number of Delegated Tokens: ~254,190,000 LIKE

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