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Greeting from the LikeCoin team.

LikeCoin is a decentralized protocol for content attribution, monetization, and distribution. LikeCoin helps content creators establish an immutable content network, and a payment solution to provide actual rewards to help create a better web.

Hi there,

I am Phoebe with LikeCoin and I want to share some exciting news to kick off 2020 with you! I am reaching out because you are either one of the pioneers in the blockchain world or advocates in the creative content industry. And we simply value you as part of the innovation we are bringing to the world. I apologize if you haven’t heard from us earlier and we want to do a better job this year.

We’ve been making an impact since 2017.

If you got a chance to take a look at our early concepts and whitepaper from 2017, you’d know we are not only one of the most adopted blockchain projects in APAC but also far surpassed the original goal we had.

In 2019, we accumulated 40,000+ Likers, who rewarded 22mil+ LikeCoin (USD130k) to 150,000+ contents by 4000+ creators on 700+ media. LikeCoin Annual Report 2019

Innovation is not easy. It is a grueling experience that consists of failure and struggles every day. We are glad to surrounded by a supportive community that shares the effort to drive blockchain adoption. It provides us the perseverance to take the project to the next level.

If you are a developer, content creators, cosmonauts, crypto investors, tech geeks, or simply interested in how blockchain can disrupt the world. I sincerely invite you to be part of our community today and allow us to grow with you this year. Stay tuned to our next newsletter!

Best Regards,

Phoebe@LikeCoin team