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February Newsletter from #DePub.

LikeCoin is a Decentralized Publishing Infrastructure. It reinvents the publishing industry with a decentralized registry, rewards, editorial, and governance.

Efficient On-chain governance

The LikeCoin chain inflation rate has risen from 2% to a dynamic inflation rate of 7%-20%. The minimum deposit for proposals has also decreased in corresponding to allow individual stakeholders to raise proposals.

On-going discussion is on the Discord community channel. And you are invited to join us today at 6:20 pm GMT+8 for our monthly community call, stay up to date on upcoming proposals and team updates. Check out the agenda here.

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LikeCoin chain upgrade & ISCN coming soon!

The team is actively reviewing the latest released Cosmos Stargate code, preparing for the next LikeCoin chain, FoTan upgrade. Read about our recent product updates.

Liker Land security alert

We have detected several attacker attempts to steal LikeCoin from users’ wallets. We encourage you to take a few steps to review your LikeCoin account security setting. Secure your LikeCoin account with two-factor authentication. Read more.

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