LikeCoin chain upgrade coming soon!

LikeCoin DAO is growing rapidly in the first half of 2020. Anticipating chain upgrades and new Super Like feature.

LikeCoin is a public blockchain for content monetization, attribution, and distribution.
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2020 is halfway through, a new surge of Covid-19 infection hit Hong Kong but we are still scattered across the city bringing you our half-year report and the latest project news. 

LikeCoin DAO is growing rapidly in the first half of 2020,

  • 1800+ Civic Likers (80%+ YoY), which is 2.5% of

  • 70,000+ Likers (75%+YoY), who rewarded

  • 33mil+ LikeCoin to

  • 268,000+ content by

  • 10000+ creators on

  • 1200+ media

we also

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Project Updates:

LikeCoin chain. The upcoming major chain upgrade is scheduled in Q4, the upgrade will bring the ISCN feature to live and incorporate with the Cosmos Stargate upgrade, which will bring us significant performance improvements. The #3 proposal on LikeCoin chain has passed this week to increase the max validators number to 25. Learn more about how to become a LikeCoin chain validator. Welcome to join the next LikeCoin governance meeting, 2020.08.03 (Mon) 1820–1900 (GMT +8).

Exchange. Liquid now supports the LIKE token on LikeCoin chain. Quick Exchange widget is also available on LikeCoin official website. Users can swap LIKE to other crypto assets easily. 

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LikeCoin plugin. New LikeCoin button design released. Likers can save content to Liker Land with just one click through the LikeCoin button. 

Dapp updates.  The Super Like feature was enabled last week and currently in production testing with early supporters. If you are interested to test out the new feature, feel free to let us know on Slack (#likecoin channel).

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