The Very First Proposal of LikeCoin chain Raised

Relaxing validator requirements to transform LikeCoin chain to a permissionless, BPoS mechanism

This is a newsletter on LikeCoin, a decentralized protocol for content monetization, attribution, and distribution; and Republic of Liker Land, a DAO of content creators.

Liquid Democracy on Liker Land

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we have accumulated stable migration data from the LikeCoin chain since it was launched in Nov 2019. We believe it is time to relax the requirements for validators.

Matters News, one of the validators of LikeCoin chain, has raised the very first proposal to transform LikeCoin chain from the existing Proof of Authority mechanism (PoA) to a more open, permissionless, Bonded Proof of Stake mechanism (BPoS).

Proposal Highlights

  1. To make validator permissionless. i.e. anyone may set up a server to nominate her/him/themselves as a validator of LikeCoin chain.

  2. To increase the number of active validators from 7 to 10.

  3. To allow a range of commission rates between 40% - 60%, set by a validator independently.

How to participate in the proposal?

If you are LikeCoin holder, simply download Liker Land app on iOS / Andriod, delegate your token to validators you trust to vote for you. You may buy LikeCoin on BitAsset, Liquid & MyETHShop.

Download Liker Land

The Republic of Liker Land as of today

  • 7,384 LikeCoin wallets with tokens, generated

  • 109,904 transactions; registered

  • 1,100+ Civic Likers, which is 2.14% of all

  • 51,338 Likers, who rewarded

  • 25,827,431 LikeCoin (USD150k) to

  • 175,817 contents by

  • 5,842 creators on

  • 800+ media outlets

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